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Immunity and lung health

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Zestt Breathe+ (formerly known as Exhale) are a naturally-derived lozenge to boost your immune system and support lung health, supporting a clear and healthy respiratory system.

Anthocyanins are bioactives that support lung health and immunity by reducing inflammation and supporting a clear respiratory tract. They promote the production of M2 macrophages which help drive the body’s innate immune response. Anthocyanins are also good antioxidants, helping the body to clear damaging free radicals.

Quercetin is a plant-derived flavonoid, from the flower buds of Japonica saphora. Quercetin is a zinc ionophore which means it helps zinc to cross cell membranes promoting a strong immune response. Quercetin is also an excellent antioxidant – quercetin as well as chelated zinc and BLIS K12™ probiotics to support the immune system response.

Zinc is critical for a high-functioning immune system. By combining zinc with quercetin, we optimise zinc action within cells. The zinc in Breathe+ lozenges is in a chelated form to be more gentle on the stomach and to promote bioavailability for the body.

Blis K12™ are a strain of beneficial bacteria from the Streptococcus salivarius family that support the health of the beginning of our digestive system. Blis K12™ probiotics inhibit the growth of detrimental microorganisms, promoting oral microbiome health and immunity.

Rātā honey is a source of natural sugars which are important to support the absorption of the bioactives, they are also a source of polyphenols for general health.

INGREDIENTS (per lozenge)
Anthocyanins (from boysenberries & blackcurrants) (600mg)
Quercetin (250mg)
Chelated Zinc (5mg ), BLIS K12™ oral probiotic (25mg)(2.5 Billion CFU) ,New Zealand Rātā honey (1800mg)

For those with unhealthy lungs, we recommend taking Breathe+ one on a daily basis. Note that in times of stress, two-three lozenges can be taken, provided that people don’t exceed the following:
The daily recommended maximum dose of quercetin, which is 1,200mg (note there is 250mg per lozenge, but there are other supplements and medicines which may contain quercetin);
The daily recommended maximum dose of zinc, which is 50mg (note there is 5mg per lozenge, but there are other supplements and medicines which may contain zinc).

Not recommended if you have a berry or honey allergy. We recommend checking with your medical practitioner before using for children under 10 years of age, or pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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