FLOW STATE Lion’s Mane Organic Mushroom Extract


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Traditional cognitive support

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FLOW STATE has introduced high strength Lions Mane 10:1 extract with piperine (black pepper extract) for enhanced absorption.

These white, globe-shaped fungi have long shaggy spines like a Lions Mane. It grows wild on deciduous trees and is now cultivated on sawdust substrates. Only the fruited body of the mushroom is used, and not mycelium on grain (MOG). These natural substrates contain precursors that support the production of important functional compounds.

Lions Mane supports memory and cognition.

We understand the importance of organic and contaminant free food products. That’s why we test each batch of mushrooms for safety and potency here in New Zealand at both Hill Laboratories (heavy metal and microbiological analysis) and Massey University (Megazyme test for beta-d-glucans).

INGREDIENTS (per 2 capsules)
1000mg of Lions Mane extract (Hericium Erinaceus) providing Beta-D-Glucans >30%, Starch <5%
5mg piperine.
No fillers or flowing agents.

ADULTS Take 2 capsules daily

Suitable for vegetarians & vegans. Please read the label and use only as directed.

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120 vege capsules


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