FLOW STATE Turkey Tail Organic Mushroom Extract


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Offers immune support
Supports gut health
Supports organ health

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FLOW STATE high strength Turkey Tail mushroom (10:1 extract) provides you with immune support that you can count on.

A few of the noted benefits of regular turkey tail consumption may include removing toxins, increasing energy, strengthening the immune system, and supporting liver and spleen function.

It is said the ancient Taoists were astonished by the abundance of turkey tail on pine trees, which was notoriously anti-fungal. They concluded that a mushroom of such tenacity must contain incredible medicinal properties, and hence it was explored as a medicinal fungus.

All the mushrooms we use are also fully tested to ensure they are free from contaminants. Those tests take place at independent laboratories. All of our mushrooms are from certified organic sources (USDA and the European Commission.)

INGREDIENTS (per 2 capsules)
1000mg of Turkey Tail extract (Trametes versicolor), 5mg piperine. Providing Beta-D-Glucans >30% and Starch <5%. No fillers or flowing agents.

ADULTS Take 2 capsules daily

Despite mushrooms being natural, they are considered potent in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is important that you consult a health professional before taking this supplement if you have a health condition, are taking prescription medication, are pregnant, or nursing. Mushroom extracts can potentially interact with medications prescribed to suppress the immune system and regulate blood clotting.

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120 vege capsules


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