Christmas time with IBS

Is Christmas time with IBS a terrible time of the year for you?

Many of our customers come to us for help because they have irritable bowel, coeliac, food allergies or general digestive discomfort. If this is you, here are five tips to help you through the silly season.

Don’t spend all Christmas Day in the loo!
  1. IBS is related to the stress response in many individuals,
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If you have been bitten by a white tail spider, you may find the homeopathic remedy Lampona cylindrata of use.

Lampona Cylindrata is both the name of the white tail spider and the homeopathic remedy with which to treat its bite

As the days start to warm, the whitetail spider, can often be found in unsuspecting places, like amongst the clean washing, or inside a gardening glove.

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Recipe Cauliflower Porridge

Recipe cauliflower porridge

Nourish the body and soul with this bowl full of goodness

The easiest way to make this quick recipe is to buy in season cauliflower & ‘rice’ it immediately, so its ready to go in the morning. Just wash about half a cauliflower, break into florets and pop in the blender for about 10 seconds until it resembles rice. Keep in an airtight container in the fridge &

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Moana road sunnies

Its time to think about protecting yourself from the sun. The humble vitamin B3, in the form of niacinamide may also be helpful.

Sunglasses from Moana Road & available in store

Recently, customers started coming in the shop and asking for Niacinamide, generally because they had been referred by their dermatologist. After asking why, I took a few moments to do some reading & found some really interesting research relating to skin cancer.

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The leaves are dropping and the mornings are getting chilly. Its time to start talking about immunity boosters for a New Zealand winter.

Is winter different in New Zealand?

Winter immunity is a little different in New Zealand than some other countries with warmer climates. In winter we tend to spend more time indoors. This usually means we are closer to other people and susceptible to picking up their bugs.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Iron – is it really the answer to tiredness?

We have numerous people come into the store seeking iron to help with their tiredness and fatigue. Often, after having in depth discussion, we send them away without iron but with a product that will help in a different way with sleep or energy. Why – because we try very hard to figure out whether a deficiency is iron is the likely issue causing their tiredness and fatigue.

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Photo by Jelena Mirkovic on Unsplash

In times of uncertainty, many of us are inclined to get more stressed. We have covid rearing is head in the community & the economic and social consequences of this can be very stressful, especially for those with background health issues or work uncertainty. Quite frankly, most people seem to have fairly stressful lifestyles anyway, juggling work, kids, sometimes parents as well,

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Lysine and cold sores

Lysine and cold sores

If a New Zealand summer brings you out in cold sores with the heat, you might be interested to hear about the role of Lysine, an essential amino acid, that helps to support the skin (including lips). Not only for summer, it may help to reduce cold sores in the colder months too.

Supplemental Lysine may help reduce cold sores

Some studies show that using Lysine can reduce the length of time of a cold sore infection and reduce the risk of getting more and the severity.

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Collagen – is it worth taking?

About a week ago on New Zealand television there was an article that suggested that collagen might not be worth its current trending status.  Before I write any more, there are two important things to disclose.  Firstly I didn’t see the television programme and secondly, we sell collagen, which means that I am not a neutral party.  However, as always, we look to see what studies have been done & I like to share feedback from what our customers are saying.

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