Does the outfit work?

Only if you love the cut, the fabric and the quality & the overall feeling it gives….

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Some years ago my sister and I attended an image consultant, one of those places where there were a group of women drink wine on a Saturday afternoon and are introduced to their colours, how to maximise body shape, the image that was being portrayed, that sort of thing. It was both our birthdays and we thought it would be fun – which it was. I really didn’t expect to, but I actually learnt some really useful things that day. For years I would buy products that were the right colour and style for my body shape, but somehow I just didn’t feel good in them. I never understood why they hung in the wardrobe, rare worn. This consultant was skilled in her field & was actually able to teach me this. One of her ‘tools’ was to to help us to identify how we like to interact with the world. Were we a bit playful? Were we quite earthy? Did we have an artistic streak? Were we flamboyant? How were were going to incorporate this into the way we dressed and therefore felt each day? Eventually, the penny dropped for me, and I realised that I only wear natural fabrics. The feel of the fabric is as important to me as everything else – possibly even more so. Consequently, on many occasions since, I have put items of clothing back on the shelf, because they actually don’t suit who I truly am. Fundamentally they don’t work for me so to buy them would be a waste of money. (And planetary resources, which is an issue for a different blog).

This experience would have been 20 or more years ago, and I still find myself wearing a linen dress paired with a bamboo t-shirt as I’m writing this blog. I benefited from her knowledge and expertise and that continues to this day.

Why am I writing about clothing in a natural health blog?

Chrissy the consultant was skilled at what she was doing. In the world of natural health the same can be said with a quality practitioner. Whether the specialty of the practitioner is herbal medicine, nutrition, naturopathy or many other disciplines, assuming they have trained as a reputable organisation, they will have spent a number of years learning how the body works and also how to use the appropriate nutrients/botanicals to support the body. In these courses, practitioners also learn how to read and interpret research. This is really important in the world of natural medicine as there is so much information both, good and bad, in the online space, and also from well meaning friends and family. In our business, this is very important because we focus on evidence based solutions wherever possible.

To continue with the dress metaphor, fundamentally like Chrissy, we make sure your outfit is going to work for your body & that you are not going to waste money. In store, we ask the right questions & have in depth conversations to ensure that both we and you understand what is happening in your body. We discuss options for you to take steps to address your concerns naturally. This will include recommendations around food, lifestyle suggestions (including things like stress reduction techniques and exercise), and nutrient/herbal supplements. These recommendations will be designed to fit your body to achieve your desired outcome.

And because this mix is carefully considered, specifically for you, expect to save time, energy, money and frustration in the long run, and be that bit healthier in the longer term.

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